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Business first: Please vote for Honey in the Marrow for the I Heart Sapphfic Book of the Month. That would be very cool! I am still extremely happy and shooketh at just how well the book is doing. It has 182 ratings and 60 reviews on Goodreads and is holding steady at a 4.5 star rating. On Amazon, it’s got 193 ratings and a 4.6 star average, and the reviews there have been really nice! It’s still in the top ten of lesbian fiction and lesbian romance ebooks on Amazon and it’s been out several weeks now, so I really couldn’t think of a better launch.

I’m in a good pocket of time where I’ve turned in edits for my next book to my editor, so I have a breather there. That final manuscript is due at the end of the year and it should come out some time in 2023, so I’m excited to get on the ride again. AND, I submitted the proposal and manuscript for book number THREE which could potentially come out in 2024. And then, after that? I don’t know. Keep writing, I guess.

Anyway, it’s all going pretty great.

No, no, I jest. I’m an anxious person, so I’m trying not to feel like the other shoe is always about to drop, but that takes practice and persistence. I think the secret to being chill is JUST KIDDING, I don’t know the secret, but if you do, please tell me, because being stressed out all the time over stuff you can’t control is very stressful.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, how does Emily Waters write such realistically neurotic characters, now you know.

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