News and Events

Geek Girls Project Podcast

Emily is scheduled to be on an episode of the Geek Girls Project podcast in the fall. Check out their other episodes now!

The Lesbian Review Con

Emily is scheduled to be a panel member for TLR Con on August 25-27. Learn more about the event. You can buy tickets today. Emily will be on the “Friends to Lovers vs. Enemies to Lovers” panel as well as the “Cops and Criminals” panel.   

Sibling Library Podcast

From Sibling Library:

In this super-sized episode we show our appreciation for authors and the books they create. We first talk about several author talks we attended: Stacy Lee who wrote The Downstairs Girl; Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) who wrote his memoir: Beyond the Wand; and Mo Willems children’s author of Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie fame. We are also so excited to welcome to the show, in her media debut, Emily Waters! Emily is the newly published author of Honey in the Marrow from Ylva Publishing. In this month of November we are so thankful for authors and all the characters, worlds, and creativity they bring into the world so that we may read, share, and repeat.