get out your map, pick somewhere and just run

I’m back from Disneyland and I’m very, very tired, but happy. We had a great trip and while Disney gets more and more grueling as I age, I learned to adapt. More sit down breaks, a midday nap, sleeping with my feet propped up on a pillow. One day we did a walking tour of all the “haunted” places in the park. We had one very fancy dinner at the Napa Rose. It was, all in all, such a good time and great to get away, even if we did walk like nine to ten miles a day and we kept comparing our swollen sausage fingers.

October has been so exciting this year. Honey in the Marrow turned one and the audiobook came out on October 10th. It’s currently half off on, so snag it before the end of the month to save a little money! The German edition comes out in two days, so it’s exciting to know my audience is going to open up a little bit.

And for those who aren’t following me on instagram or bluesky, I teased the cover of my new book, which is set to publish on January 17th.

I’m excited to enter a new era, to talk about the new book and see what people think. Won’t be long now!

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “get out your map, pick somewhere and just run

  1. Tma

    I enjoyed your Instagram posts from Disneyland. Your partner had to be really tired after their Grand Canyon hiking adventure the week before!
    Please give us a hint about your new book!

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