when hinges creak in doorless chambers…

The arrival of the fall months is especially exciting, since Honey in the Marrow comes out in October, just over a month away. If you use goodreads, feel free to add it to your want-to-read shelf.

But fall is always exciting for me, even late summer, because that’s when all of the new Halloween merch comes out. I was not an emo/scene kid when I was a teen in the late 90s/early 2000s, but it wasn’t because I didn’t WANT to be. I’ve always been spooky at heart and now that I’m grown and have my adult money, I wear all the black clothing, I dye my hair all the vivid colors (currently bright red), and decorate YEAR AROUND with my spooky Halloween things. Who can stop me? If anyone tries, I will, as dril says, face god and walk backwards into hell.

Anyway, for Christmas last year, my partner got me a Halloween tree and this is the first year I get to use it! My birthday was in late August, and once we pass my birthday, in my brain and heart, it is officially SPOOKY SEASON. So yes, I put up the tree in August.

I mistakenly thought it was going to be like a 3 or 4 foot tree, but it’s like 7 feet. If anyone sees a link for Halloween ornaments, please send them to me. I have the space.

I also got this new bat doormat (it’s frickin’ bats!) and several new signs that are waiting to be hung. My favorite is this ouija one. The bat was from Cost Plus, the ouija from Joann’s. I’ve also hit up Michaels and Spirit already this year. October is my favorite month and I can’t believe my book gets to come out in October. Is this what Taylor Swift felt like when Red came out??

I live in California, so it’s never really fall weather. It’s supposed to be 107 on Monday. If it’s chilly where you are, please think of me fondly. If you see a crunchy leaf, step on it and think of me working in a library that doesn’t have air conditioning. And, if you want to support the book, I’ll let you know when it goes on sale.

See you soon!

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