The Underwear Drawer

I like this little blog. It gives me old school livejournal vibes. I used to be a die hard livejournaler. Yes, it’s still there. No, you can’t see it. But I spent a solid number of years – essentially from my senior year of high school until I got married, chronicling my life there.

And then I stopped. I don’t know, I think life just got more busy and social media sort of took over that slower paced blog life style and I just let it slip away.

So this is nice. This is fun. A little spot to say whatever I want. To those of you who have subscribed to this blog, thank you.

I’m learning the ropes about publishing, especially in my little niche wlw fiction genre, and apparently the thing To Do™ is to have a newsletter. As a millennial, it baffles me, but if it’s what the people want, I’ll give it to them.

So you can stay subscribed to the blog and just the blog updates and that’s fine. Or you can subscribe to the newsletter below and get notified of other stuff too. Blog updates, book launches, giveaways, etc.

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As always, thank you so much for your support. It’s weird to launch a new facet of yourself, to say hey look, I’m doing this thing and I’d like your support. It feels a little like opening your underwear drawer and asking a stranger to look inside.


2 thoughts on “The Underwear Drawer

  1. damedallas

    Oh, Livejournal. What an era. I miss those days sometimes. The vulnerability that we just let hang out there in long-form. I think I joined my first fandom community on LJ too.

    A lot of milestones were documented on that platform, for all of us. I remember reading about your acceptance into grad school, meeting your partner, etc.

    But I’m glad to be here for your current and future memories. <3

    (Also, read your latest newsletter – already a sub – and I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!)

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