Good news, I lived!

I cannot believe that I wrote a blog post about being a spoonie and then immediately got sick!! Did I manifest it accidentally? Did my little fingers type the words out and my brain was like, you know what actually sounds kind of fun???

Anyway, my lung was infected, but it’s fine now. I got some antibiotics and took a week off work so I didn’t get pneumonia and honestly I felt very lucky to be in a situation where I could do that. I have health care coverage, so I could go to the ER and it didn’t wreck me financially. I have paid time off, so I could stay home for an entire week and not worry about my job.

Usually, once or twice a year my health just crashes. That’s part of the chronically ill life. Sometimes my body just needs a break and if I won’t give it one, it’ll find a way to take it anyway.

I’d like to say, an unplanned week at home? I got so much done! But that isn’t what happened. It was hard to walk or breathe for the first several days, so mostly I sat around and watched movies. I love a late-80s to mid-90s thriller, so I watched Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd. I watched The Net with Sandra Bullock and it was as bad as I remembered it to be. I watched A Time To Kill with both Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock wherein we were supposed to believe that Ashley Judd was blonde? It was brassy and she looked ridiculous. I watched Broadcast News with Holly Hunter and that is still is so good, has aged so well, except for the fashion. I watched Patriot Games because I do love a young Harrison Ford and Anne Archer! Dreamy!

I wrote absolutely nothing!

Anyway, now I’ve finished my antibiotics and am back to work and still feel pretty good, so I think I’m definitely going to live. Now the only thing I have to worry about is this pandemic and being terribly short staffed at work and California’s increasingly bad wildfire season and looming edits on my manuscript and how my dogs are gradually aging but also it’s like, incredibly fast? But other than that?? Smooooth sailin’.

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