for once it might be grand to have someone understand

The last time I went to Disneyland was 2018 and since then I’ve considered myself not a Disney Adult, but like, Disney Adult adjacent. I grew up going to Disneyland fairly often and it’s my favorite theme park by a landslide, but in my every day life, it wasn’t all Disney all the time. Some pins at my desk at work, or a t-shirt here and there. Just a normal lady who likes Disney a normal amount.

BUT NOW. Now we have a Disney trip on the books for October and I am blossoming into my full blown Disney Adult era. There’s something about knowing you’re going to go that wakes the beast. I’ve been on a Disney tear lately. Loungefly backpacks! New pins! New lanyard! Constantly watching Disney vlogs! Mickey ear cover for my watch! Mickey earrings. The Haunted Mansion glow in the dark spirit jersey? Mine. Do I have Halloween themed ears planned for each day we’re in the parks? You know I do.

It’s a terrible hobby, loving Disney. Problematic and expensive, but I think the things that are ingrained in you as a child are so hard to get rid of. I still watch Beauty and the Beast when I’m sick because that was my sick day movie as a kid. My grandmother made it a point to take my brother, and then me, on a one-on-one trip to Disneyland when we turned nine. She would have been in her late 50s or early 60s then, depending, and while I know that’s not old, I am in my late 30s and even I am questioning if I’m really going to survive several days in the parks, so big kudos to her. But that was an extremely special and formative trip that I think about with such fondness every time I’m in the parks.

I’ve spent birthdays in the parks, spent a Christmas there, and even got engaged next to Snow White’s wishing well. My bestie who hates keeping secrets kept that secret ALL DAY. So many major life events are tied to those parks. I can’t unravel myself from them, and instead of trying, I’m just leaning into it.

I am a Disney Adult and a CHILDLESS one at that. Feels good to say it. SORRY IF YOU THINK LESS OF ME.

3 thoughts on “for once it might be grand to have someone understand

  1. alphaflyer

    Not a huge theme park person in general (I took my then-8yo to Disney when we visited friends in Irvine, CA) but otherwise, not-so-secret Disney fan here. Still love the movies I loved as a kid, when I saw 101 Dalmatians FIVE TIMES in theatres. So no judgment here, despite my anti-capitalist tendencies. Rooting for The Mouse in Florida!

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